KOMMONSENTSJANE – Northern Arizona U. prof. Heather Martel orders student to stop reading Bible *before* class — Fellowship of the Minds

Mark Holden is a student at Northern Arizona University. Holden is a Christian. In February, Holden arrived early to a U.S. history class with at least five minutes to spare. So he took out his Bible to read, but was ordered by the instructor, Assistant Professor Heather Martel, to stop reading the Bible because she […]

via Northern Arizona U. prof. Heather Martel orders student to stop reading Bible *before* class — Fellowship of the Minds\

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This is a good time to exercise our religious freedom and put our foot down on this professor.  This woman is being paid by the taxpayer and we have to stop this foolishness right now.  If the college officials won’t then, it is time for the Governor of the state to step up to the plate to uphold the Constitution.  He has enough lawyers that could handle this for him.

I am fed up with this mistreatment of students by these liberals.  We have to put them in their place and it is NOW.

Okay Mr. Governor – DO  YOUR JOB and rattle this woman’s chains which she is trying to attach to this young man.  If you don’t, these people will continue their dirty work – which is to continue to spread their hate of Christianity.  If she doesn’t believe in God that is fine – that young man has as much right to profess his faith as she does to ban his faith.  There is no difference.

If she is allowed to ban his faith – then she is working against his Constitutional religious freedom rights in the public square.  What if he had been a Muslim and pulled out his Koran – would she have followed the example she set for his Bible.  No because she would have “wet her panties” before she took that step in the popo pile.  Plain and simple.


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