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Would you attend someone’s dinner party if you knew you were  not welcome?  Hell, NO?  Especially, not these vultures.

We probably could count the number of real Americans who follow the Constitution in one hand – cause the bulk are not even American citizens.

We know they are all part of the Obamer communism/muslim regime –  they have worked with Obamer for eight years to destroy this country and have cheered the demise of the country as they savored their sex, drugs and women.

We know the higher echelon of these vultures are all family and deal in paternalism. The following photo shows the intertwining nature of this organization and who they deal with.  Some of the names have changed since Obamer has left the White House but the agenda is the same for these liars –  which is glory the socialists and muslims.




Again, the bulk of them are foreigners who have no allegiance to the U.S. and are working with the socialists (who have hijacked the Democratic Party/Chuck Schumer, a Jew).

President Trump beat them at their own game by throwing his own party with people who are Americans and want to make the U. S. great again.

Trump declined to attend White House correspondents’ dinner.  Good for him.


By Dylan Byers

Trump won’t attend correspondents’ dinner


Several news organizations had already withdrawn from the April 29 event in protest of Trump’s treatment of the media

Association President Jeff Mason says his group “will continue to do our job and write the news and tell the truth about this administration”

(Well, Jeff Mason is a liar.  His news is all manufactured news.)

(CNN) — President Donald Trump has announced that he will not attend this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a move that comes amid increasingly hostile relations between the media and the White House.

“I will not be attending the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!” Trump tweeted on Saturday.

The black-tie dinner, which raises money for journalism scholarships, takes place every spring and is usually attended by the president, journalists, celebrities and Washington insiders. The last president to miss the dinner was Ronald Reagan, who sat out because he was he recovering from an assassination attempt in 1981, although he still delivered remarks by phone.

Several news organizations had already withdrawn from the April 29 event in protest of Trump’s treatment of the media.

Vanity Fair and Bloomberg, which usually co-host an exclusive, star-studded after-party, have canceled that gala, while The New Yorker similarly canceled its pre-party April 28.

Most other news organizations, including CNN, have yet to announce their official plans for the weekend. But some are said to be rethinking their attendance in the wake of the White House’s decision to block CNN, The New York Times and other outlets from an off-camera White House press briefing on Friday.

White House Correspondents Association President Jeff Mason told CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Saturday that Trump’s decision is not surprising given the negative things the President has said about the media, such as suggesting they are “the enemy of the American people.”

(The truth is these people are the enemy of the American people.  Mason is the liar – they lost the election and cannot get over it.)

“That of course is something that the correspondents’ association and journalists reject,” Mason said. “The media is an incredibly important part of a vibrant republic, and we celebrate that at that dinner.

(When they start reporting the news honestly – we will then celebrate the news.)

“It’s up to him to decide whether or not he wants to come,” he said. “But the correspondents’ association and the members who work in this room every day will continue to do our job and write the news and tell the truth about this administration, as we have done about every administration before.”

(Yeah – lie every day.  The American people have listened to their propaganda and are smart enough to know the difference between a liar and a person who tells the truth. This is nothing new between the White House and the bad news organization.  The only reason they got along with Obamer was because they drooled all over Obamer irregardless of what he did because they were helping him destroy America and they were all working against the American people.  And, so as the story goes is:)






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