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Elizabeth Harrington reports for Washington Free Beacon that among the protesters at the “March for Science” on Earth Day, April 22, 2017, against the Trump administration’s budget cuts was Patricia Brennan, a visiting lecturer of biological sciences at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, and a native of Columbia. Brennan has a vested interest in taxpayers’ […]

via Your tax dollar at work: $390k grant to study duck penis — Fellowship of the Minds

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Just image, a $390,000 grant to study a duck’s penis?  Now you can envision the mentality of our present state of our former government under Obama.  All of this is now being exposed – nothing but a bunch of perverts.  How could anyone with any reasoning of common sense and knowing how much our debt has risen to under the Obama administration vote for this bill or was it attached to another bill and called “pork?”  Whoever fed this to the people and they voted for it – tells you the state of the Democratic Party  or even the Republican Elites.

The solution to this problem should be – congressmen who supported this should be automatically removed from office.

Is anyone in the new administration checking out all of this pork and setting aside all of them until a judgement can be made as to their authenticity?  That should be the first rule of order.  They call it pork –  but –  it is really throw-away money in their home districts with the bulk of it going into the congress person’s wallet.


Oink! Oink!

Obama, the Dem’s and the Elite Repub’s  feeding at the trough of plenty!


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