This has been President Trump in the first 100 days:


Everyone is asking on the tube this morning – WHAT GRADE WOULD YOU GIVE OUR NEW PRESIDENT TRUMP?

For starters, I would give him an A+ for winning the election – after all, when you have your own Elite Repub’s who worked with the opposition (Dem’s) for eight years – just signing off with a “yes” on all of the legislation and the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, giving Obama a blank check and then having 17 challengers who called themselves Repub’s  and the cheating Dem’s sending all of the illegals to vote in the horse race and 17 people running against  you AND YOU STILL WON.  I called that –  AN  –  A+ VICTORY!

Now that he is in office and still all of these people – the Dem’s and the Elite Repub’s – working against the American people and the President and he is still holding his own.

Did you see the Speaker Ryan/Boehner ever going against Obama’s grain?  No, in fact Boehner (a Repub)  was Obama’s golfing buddy.  Did you ever see them opening their mouths about all of those executive orders Obama wrote or when Obama criticized America all over the world or when Obama told the U.S. was no longer a Christian nation.

I would give him an A+ for effort in the first 100 days since he hasn’t had any help from the media, Congress or the Senate.


He has written executive orders which have help the engine of America start moving the country forward.  These were to undo orders that Obama wrote to hurt the country.  The fact that we are a Christian nation, again, and that abortion has gone down the tube and our doctors won’t be committing all of those murders every day is a big step in the right direction.  Obama, the Dem’s, and the Elite Repub’s loved all of those men, women, and babies being killed every day – all over the world.  Did you hear any of them condemning the Muslims when they killed all of those Christians all over the Middle East – not a peep from any of them.

The problem in the Congress for eight years was they did not have to work or make any preparations because they knew whatever they sent up to the Obama – he would reject it; and now that they own the Senate, the Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court – they were not prepared for that – they were planning on Hillary Clinton winning – so they really don’t know how to put down a winning strategy in the loop (all of their horses want to eat at a different trough).

They didn’t have to and now they are supposed to “have to.”  From my back yard –  what I see is – that  Ryan put a deliberate wrench in the last bill to eradicate Obamacare to keep it from succeeding.  He is still trying to help Obama’s legacy by keeping Obamacare.  He is still trying to keep the President from accomplishing anything (an Elite Republican strategy – Mc-Cain and Romney).

He is doing the same thing in the upcoming tax bill by putting a border tax which puts a hitch in it – which most congress people don’t want.  It will always be something that will hold the Congress from accomplishing anything to show that our President, who is a business man and knows how business works, is not a politician – which is their point.  They still don’t like the fact that a the government needs a business man to run the country – not a bunch of lying lawyer politicians.

And that, my dear folks, is the reason neither bill passed muster –  because that was the plan from the beginning.

So to give our President a fair grade – I would give him an A+ for effort, the Congress and F (both sides), and to wait for the next election and vote the Elite Repub’s out of office and vote all of the Democrats out the door.

The important thing will be the states enacting “TERM LIMITS.”  We know these idiots who are holding the country back will never pass term limits – so the states will have to do the job TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.  The Dem’s have become COMMUNISTS (like Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez) and then  you have the MUSLIMS (like Keith Ellison and Andre Carson).

The Dem’s are still in the “unbelievable stage” of the election – they cheated with all of the illegals and still didn’t win.

We still need a voting photo ID with finger prints to establish a country who deals fairly with voting.  That is why neither party does not take this seriously – they are still in fake denial.

But, in the end, our country is free from the hands of the Obama administration who sought America being reduced to a third world country and a Muslim nation at that.

And, that happened because President Trump was elected.

I shudder to think where we would be today if Hillary Clinton would have been elected.

Thank the Lord for big favors.  In fact, we have a big debt to pay, literally and figuratively speaking.

Thank you President Trump from the abyss of Obama.


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