Report: Hillary Clinton Was the Target of a Grand Jury

By Rusty | Featured Contributor | April 28, 2017 6:35AM

Newly released court papers show that a federal grand jury provided FBI agents subpoena power to investigate Hillary Clinton’s Blackberry devices last year in the midst of her email scandal.

The revelation runs contrary to widespread reports on the case, and would have changed the narrative significantly.

Clinton and her camp, repeatedly, claimed the ongoing FBI investigation was nothing more than a ‘security review.’

But the use of a grand jury subpoena indicates the investigation was indeed criminal in nature.

Via the Daily Caller:

A federal grand jury provided FBI agents with subpoenas to inspect Hillary Clinton’s BlackBerry devices last year, court papers provided to Judicial Watch show.

According to the watchdog group, FBI counterintelligence official E.W. Priestap filed a sworn declaration stating that the FBI “obtained Grand Jury subpoenas related to the Blackberry e-mail accounts.”

The subpoenas “produced no responsive materials, as the requested data was outside the retention time utilized by those providers,” stated Priestap, who supervised the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s potential mishandling of classified information as secretary of state.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton wants to know why we’re just finding out these important details now.

“The FBI convened a grand jury to investigate Hillary Clinton in 2016,” Fitton explained. “Why is this information being released only now?”

He added, “It is disturbing that the State Department, Justice Department and FBI are still trying to protect Hillary Clinton.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano recently explained other aspects of the Clinton email case that we’re just learning about as well.

Napolitano indicates that after a four hour interview in which the former Secretary of State blamed “memory loss” for a lack of accountability, FBI “agents believed they had just witnessed a series of lies” and sought to subpoena her health records to verify or disprove that excuse.

With those details suppressed, and now evidence that there was indeed a grand jury involved in the criminal investigation, it’s growing ever more evident that the FBI, the State Department, and the Justice Department ran cover for Mrs. Clinton.

“President Trump needs to clean house at all these agencies,” Fitton demanded.

FBI Confirms It Issued Grand Jury Subpoenas In Clinton Email Probe




This is why full investigation of the previous administration is necessary. The DOJ, FBI, CIA, Lynch, Holder, Rice, and all of the other muslims in the obama administration – investigated, charged, and prosecuted.


All previously seated government employees should be ousted and procedures to refill the seats should require extreme vetting – since some of them are acting like terrorists and traitors.


The greatest disaster of all times would have been a Hillary Clinton presidency. America, you dodged the bullet bigly.

Yes, we ALL dodged a deadly bullet!






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