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Women who engage in casual “hookups” beware. There is a new, but widespread, sexual practice that some men engage in, called “stealthing” — the male’s surreptitious removal of his condom during coitus, without notifying or obtaining the consent of his sexual partner. Not only does “stealthing” leave the woman feeling betrayed and violated, which some […]

via New perverse sex trend: ‘stealthing’ — Fellowship of the Minds

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If you are a woman – have you been a victim of the new widespread sexual practice that some men engage in called “stealthing?  Are  you a free-loader?  Someone who will jump in bed with every Tom, Dick, or Harry?  In my day, we called these women, porcupines because with the number of men they bedded with; and, if, they were turned inside out – they would like like a porcupine.



This is a new trend according to the latest internet news.  We women know, the trend with some women, today,  is, “let me see  your financial statement,” to see if it would be worth the trip to see the stars – if not, they feel they are wasting their time –  and money is what it is all about in a lot of cases.

As my friend, who told me the porcupine story, also stated, the porcupines feel it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor man and life is a whole lot easier starting at the top of the ladder than at the bottom rung.  My answer:  What about – THE LOVE FACTOR?  Her reply – SILLY GIRL.

Sure glad I was that silly girl – life is so cruel, sometimes!


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