Do we really need for the Congressmen to be on the job all year?  They seem to spend more time in their home districts and don’t really work when they are in D.C.  They only need to be paid when they are actually on the job and they should only be in session for so many months a year and have a real job during the off months and maybe they would get more done.   Something has to be done to change the way the government operates because what they are doing is not working.

Elijah Cummings and Jason Chaffetz, rep’s of the Congress’ hall of shame, were making a big to-do today over Michael Flynn accepting money.   Everyone of those rep’s accept money from the lobbyists.  Why is it they don’t want to arrest the real crooks?  It seems they should be more interested in the real crooks who are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and bringing them to justice – they are the corrupted officials.  What are they hiding?  Both Obama and Hillary have accepted tons of money from all over the world even for their campaigns.



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