Glory be – the truth is finally rising to the surface – Brennan and Clapper, who are MUSLIMS, or Muslim enablers,  were both colluding with Media/Obama/Dem’s/Elite Repub’s (John McCain/Lindsey Graham were leading the pack), and the Muslims to elect Hillary Clinton – where have all of you been – even a blind man could read the evidence.

They were running over each other in the Obama administration White House after President Trump was elected – not knowing what to do with all of the information that would prove they have been working against the American people and all of them have committed treason.  Why is this so hard to see – because they don’t want to see the handwriting on the wall.

They expected Hillary Clinton to walk into the front door of the White House not President Trump.

These people have been saying it was the Repub’s who were playing around with the Russians to elect Trump while all of the while it was Brennan/Clapper PUSHING THIS NARRATIVE – working with the Muslims.

Muslims wanted to elect Hillary Clinton – where have all of you been – even a blind man could read the evidence.


Did Obama’s CIA Director Collude with Foreign Spies to Bring Down Trump?

 GOP Presidential  April 25, 2017
It appears one party was working with foreign governments to sway the 2016 presidential election. But it wasn’t the Republicans.

According to new reports, Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, conspired with foreign spies in order to tip the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton and defeat President Donald Trump.

According to The American Spectator, Brennan hoped to keep his position as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency in a Hillary Clinton presidency—so he enlisted the help of foreign spies from the United Kingdom and Estonia to help get Trump out of the way.

The conspiracy allegedly started in April 2016, when Estonia—listed in leaked reports as an “unnamed Baltic state”—told Brennan that Russia was funneling cash into Trump’s campaign. Estonia had no evidence to support their claim. At the time, Trump had just criticized NATO, which Estonia sees as critical to their continued independence from Russia, and so the Estonian officials were eager to help elect Hillary Clinton.

Despite Estonia’s obvious bias and lack of evidence, Brennan used the shaky piece of information as pretext to launch a widespread investigation into Trump and his campaign. Brennan than used similarly inaccurate information from British spies in order to round out his investigation. Brennan put together a phony case for a multi-agency investigation into Trump—allowing top Obama officials, like Susan Rice, to spy on Trump and his team.

In order to ensure maximum political damage for Trump, Brennan leaked key pieces of the investigation to the media—including his closed-door briefings to eight Senators, which would up on the front page of The New York Times.

What began as an investigation into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia has quickly become a headache for the left. Now, it appears increasingly like Republicans weren’t the one colluding to rig the election—the Democrats were.

(To think they enabled all of the illegals to vote, cheated, and still did not win.  Now let’s start the real investigation and put all of these people in prison – where they need to be.)






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