KOMMONSENTSJANE (TOO OLD TO CUT THE MUSTARD) – Bruce Springsteen releases anti-Trump rant — Fellowship of the Minds

Folks, this is all part of a get together which this idiot has planned with Obama, the trouble maker.  Read below:

“Obama’s largely been on vacation since leaving office with trips to the Caribbean with Richard Branson and more recently in the South Pacific with Bruce Springsteen, Oprah and Tom Hanks. He also has started working on his memoirs.”

See what I mean – this is all planned with Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Springsteen to rail against the American people who voted for President Trump.  They are all part of the Underground government.

Oh goody. I’ve never bought any of his music and won’t start now. From Yahoo: Rock legend Bruce Springsteen has denounced US President Donald Trump as a “conman” as he collaborated on a new protest song released Wednesday. Joe Grushecky, a Pittsburgh-based heartland rocker who has worked in the past with Springsteen but has had […]

via Bruce Springsteen releases anti-Trump song — Fellowship of the Minds

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He is too old to cut the mustard to begin with!

I do declare – I wish he would stop using the “F” word – does that make him more likable?  That is so “old hat.”

Never did appreciate his music and now his foul mouth.  And then – anyone who has made as much money as that jaybird and then complain about his country needs to take his ship and sail away to another continent.  He is just a yankee who has lost his stripes and has lost his flavor with the public and is just trying to get back in the know-how with the angry crowd called the Dem’s – cause that is all he has left is the left.

A cold shower  might help – cause he always looks dirty to me – does he ever take a bath?  I would recommend a ‘SOAKIN'” bath or send him through the car wash where they use all of those brushes.  Maybe that would change his attitude.


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