It seems the University of California Berkeley is back in the news.  We know that Janet Napolitano is the president of the college and that is why things are going so badly. Only weeks ago, the college was set on fire during a riot and Napolitano did not make any statement as to what changes would be made to protect the innocent.

Remember her from Obama’s administration when she was the Department of Homeland Security.  During her reign is when all of the illegals were streaming into the country.  Between her and the faculty, who are all burned out liberal professors, they have turned it into a fascist college.  It is time for the college and Napolitano to be defanged.

As we know the school is prohibiting conservatives from speaking on campus – the  school needs to revamp its policies.  This school receives taxpayer funds and this Democratic politicization of the campus has to be changed.

We all know that Napolitano is a died-in-the-wool Democratic and controversy seems to follow her wherever she goes.

In August 2015, network monitoring hardware was installed on the UC Berkeley campus network at the behest of Napolitano.   Critics fear that this hardware can be used to monitor all network traffic, including academics’ emails. Despite internal criticism, the decision to install the hardware was kept secret until January 2016, when a number of professors addressed it in a public letter.
Napolitano campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Phoenix, Arizona on October 30, 2016.
In April 2016, Napolitano placed Linda Katehi, the chancellor of UC Davis, on administrative leave following revelations that the university attempted to suppress web searches relating to the UC Davis pepper-spray incident, as well as charges of nepotism and misuse of student funds.


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