Today, is the day I finally did what I have been threatening to do for almost three years.  That is, to throw my APPLE phone in the junk heap.  Yesterday, was the day that told me enough was enough.  I have had nothing but trouble with that phone since it was purchased. The phone was purchased at the Apple store in San Antonio and that was a mistake.   The first thing that went wrong was they billed me for two phones.  After correcting that, it has been nothing but constant interruptions by always seeming to interrupt or injecting new information when I needed to use the phone.

But yesterday took the cake.  I was in San Antonio and my husband dropped me off and told me to call him on his cell at our son’s house.  Well, bless Pat, after completing my task and having finished early,  I tried to dial and my phone was locked.  I then went to customer service but couldn’t dial his number because the phone number was inside the locked phone.  So I was stranded.  You talk about being hot under the collar.  I even tried to use the emergency call on the phone to no avail.

This morning I called Apple and the only way I could correct this was thru downloading Itunes.  After waiting for almost 30 minutes on the help line and for someone to answer their help line – I decided – I DON’T NEED THIS HARASSMENT – there are other servers that would want my business.

So I called my provider and I  told them to disconnect my phone and I am out of here. They told me they were sorry and understood – and even went so far as to say that Apple was not a friendly phone provider because they were not efficient or customer friendly; but, if I bought another type of phone to let them know that my account would be waiting.

It was funny – after I hung up – I was really relieved that the  Apple phone would not be sitting on my dresser eaves-dropping on my life.

So we will share only one phone which will be a flip phone – now I don’t want you all to laugh – but, at least it is reliable.

Bah humbug, Apple.






About kommonsentsjane

Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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