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Did Liberal Bob Beckel on the Fox Five fall off the wagon?  He was on a tear today about President Trump’s taxes. .  One of the others asked him  why he wanted to see the taxes and he stated “that the Russians were in those taxes.”  He must have a different form from mine because I have never seen where you can list a country by name in your taxes.

And then there were the Hollywood folks like Debra Messing also wanting to see the President’s taxes.  He filed all of the necessary paper to become the President which showed him mighty rich.  I guess they think on the capital gains line they think they are going to see Putin’s name.  She has a BA in Art – does that mean that she can understand and read the tax report or is she angry because he is richer than she is?

“Hollyweed is ruled by fear and love of money.”   Even Meryl Strep mentioned at the awards that Hollyweed is full of foreigners.  Is this why they are so afraid?  And is that why she is so bent out of shape about the President because he is not a foreigner like Obama?

Instead of worrying about the President why doesn’t she and Beckel, plus Hollyweed, use this energy to help curb this genital  mutilation which is happening in America and the world. Now that is what I call a war on women –  why isn’t she and Beckel concerned about that instead of someone’s taxes.  Wonder if their taxes are on the up and up?

Or better still, another thing the Hollyweed’s could be concerned about and that is all of the butchering of children they are supporting by marching with Planned Parenthood.  I do wish that group would change their name – Planned Parenthood just doesn’t seem appropriate because the mother’s who have an abortion never get to be a parent  maybe Planned Murderers would be a better fit.

Now that would be worth their time instead of munching on the Prez’s taxes.



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