The Middle East war is a religious war.  America does not have a dog in this fight.

Our enemy is the muslim terrorists –  regardless of what faction they are.  Someone is trying to pull us into the Syrian war so we will stop fighting the terrorists.  The sides in Syria are the many factions of muslims  (Al Qaeda) fighting Assad – early on we fought Al Qaeda in Afghanistan – so now we are supposed to be Al Qaeda’s roommates against Assad.  America lost blood and treasure against Al Qaeda.   Stop this madness.

This was Obama’s red line, not ours.  Obama and Hillary were the traitors and were using our taxpayer money to help the Rebels (Al Qaeda) fight against  Syria and Russia.  That is the reason why the Democrats, Hillary and Obama don’t like Russia (Putin).  Wasn’t McCain and Graham involved with this by meeting with the rebels?  We can’t have it both ways.  We have wasted over 16 years of blood and treasure – for what.

Again it is a religious war.

It’s clear that the United States has no real way of knowing “who’s-who” in the region, and it’s time to quit acting like it.

Each faction is fighting for the top role of running (ruining) the Middle East and Saudi is right in the middle.  We know they are our “play-like” friends.

We are in a boxing match with ourselves.


April 14, 2017 2:19 PM

Newly leaked Hillary email has major implications on Syrian intervention – Read.

You’ve read the news: the United States just dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb — the MOAB — in Afghanistan…

This massive weapon was released in accord with Trump’s campaign promise to “blow the s**t out of ISIS” and confirms that the War On Terror is once again heating up.

This is is after 16 years… and there is still no end in sight.

In fact, now voices are clamoring for Trump to authorize more military action in Syria, despite the fact that Bashar al Assad and his government never attacked the United States.

Last week, the U.S. dropped 59 Tomahawk missiles — at about a million dollars apiece — on an airport in order to make a statement.

And this was in response to allegations that Syria’s President gassed his own people, something that has yet to be proven…

Not only has Assad firmly denied these claims, but a subsequent report reveals that ISIS was found to be in possession of a chemical depot… not Assad.

Nothing is clear in Syria right now and the United States has no basis to intervene. That’s why it’s crucial that we, the American People, oppose any and all “shoot first, ask questions later” strategies in Syria.

What’s more, operating US forces against Assad means we are “allied” with Al Qaeda …

Newly leaked emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prove this abhorrent alliance — read it for yourself here:

You read that right:
“AQ [Al Qaeda] is on our side in Syria.”
Remember, the War On Terror was launched to locate and destroy Al Qaeda in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

Now the United States stands with Al Qaeda terrorists? Insanity!

This is one more reason — and a major one at that — to oppose any and all military action by the United States against Bashar al Assad… because war against Assad means war alongside of Al Qaeda, which totally flies in the face of the purpose of the War On Terror and the integrity of the United States.

Take action now and rally members of Congress and the President — demand that we STAY OUT OF SYRIA! We must STOP further escalation that could lead to World War III!

American involvement in Syria began in 2013 when former President Barack Obama drew a “red line”… and now the interventionists want to President Trump to follow their orders just like his predecessor.

But any such action taken by the President has a host of implications… none of which are preferential to Americans.

First, neither the President nor his State Department has any lawful power to declare war — only Congress can commit U.S. armed forces to war — and any movement otherwise means the Constitution is effectively null and the federal government has assumed unlimited powers.

Second, war against the de jure government of Syria necessarily means war with Russia… which could lead to the resuscitation of nuclear aggression unlike the world has ever seen.

In 2013, the American people popularly opposed the United States intervening militarily in Syria. And now with War Drums beating again — trying to pressure President Trump — it’s time we rise up and reiterate our demand to STAY OUT OF SYRIA in 2017!
United States intervention in Syria must not be pursued — certainly not by the president, but not even by members of Congress.

Washington needs to stop interfering in Syria altogether: no wars, no funding terrorists, and no foreign aid.

The fact is, the Free Syrian Army is comprised of Islamic radicals — including members of Al Qaeda — and the federal government has no business furnishing them with funds, supplies or the weapons of war.

Or did we not have a thirteen year War in Afghanistan to obliterate Al Qaeda and groups like them?

Our aid — both lethal and humanitarian — has fallen into the wrong hands time and time again as allegiances in the region are continually shifting. We’ve seen entire warehouses of American arms and supplies intended for the “good” rebels be emptied into the hands of the “bad” ones.

It’s clear that the United States has no real way of knowing “who’s-who” in the region, and it’s time to quit acting like it.

The Constitution authorizes that the military be used to provide for the common defense of the nation, not to engage in regime change or nation building schemes in regions thousands of miles from our borders. Unless one of our states is attacked, there must be no war.

Take action and contact members of Congress on this right away — it’s time to remind our elected servants to STAY OUT OF SYRIA and prevent World War III.

Thank you for your continued vigilance, action, and support.

Liberty First,



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