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CNN admits their reports on Fox News anchor were false (explosive!)

April 14, 2017

Looks like CNN has some apologizing to do.

After Judge Andrew Napolitano was suspended from Fox News for reporting that former President Barack Obama used British intelligence to help spy on Trump Tower, CNN has been on a non-stop attack.

Until Friday, that is, when they confirmed that Napolitano was right — and, therefore, CNN’s reports attacking him were ALL false.

Following Napolitano’s bombshell reveal on Fox News in mid-March, critics say it was CNN that led the charge against both him and President Donald Trump.

For example, in a March 17th article, CNN called it an “uncorroborated segment” that was made “amid widespread disbelief and utter denials of the explosive charge.” CNN then said Napolitano’s reporting blurred the line between reporting and political commentating.

Later that same day, the network — which Trump has repeatedly accused of liberal bias and “fake news” — attacked the White House over their refusal to apologize for repeating the report.

On March 20th, CNN gleefully announced that Napolitano had been “benched by the network” and that Fox News anchor Sheppard Smith “disavowed Napolitano’s claims.”

And on March 29th, their anchors angrily told viewers that Napolitano was standing-by his “false spy claim” and that Fox News had “no evidence to back up” the report when they announced Napolitano’s return to the network.

They’re singing a different tune now.

Friday, CNN — two weeks after calling Napolitano’s claims “false” with no evidence — released the following article: “British intelligence passed Trump associates’ communications with Russians on to US counterparts.”

In other words, British intelligence was sharing ill-gotten spying information it collected on Trump with the Obama administration.

That’s right, CNN has done a complete flip-flop… 28 days after first launching an unfair attack against Napolitano over the same report.

Napolitano first reported: “Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command [to spy on Trump]. He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA… he used [British intelligence agency GCHQ].”

Friday, CNN reported: “British and European intelligence agencies, including GCHQ, the British intelligence agency responsible for communications surveillance … picked up [Trump] communications during what’s known as ‘incidental collection,’” according to sources, and the British “passed on those communications to their US counterparts” in the Obama administration.

(Is this the same British intelligence that worked up the Trump false dossier for THAT sniveling John McCain and then McCain gave it to the FBI?)

Sounds like CNN and the rest of the liberal media owe Napolitano an apology.

Should CNN apologize to Judge Napolitano?

( No, who would want an apology that doesn’t mean a hoot.  The people that count know CNN is a forever- lying communist network.  The people who count knew CNN was lying like a dog as they usually do with the retreads they have who are called the reporters .)



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