Trump’s Economy Is Still Bad News for Liberal Media

Liberal media is getting desperate. For more than a full year now, they have proven perfectly inept at reporting on American sentiment and predicting political and economic outcomes. Far from the overwhelming crash they originally cried as the inevitable outcome of a Trump election, the economy has rallied much faster than even optimistic Trump supporters imagined.

March saw a stock market plateau, and liberal news sources were all over it, but if you pay attention, you might notice a big change in typical economic reporting. During Obama’s tenure, any chance to talk about job additions or other non-negative economic changes was seized. Apparently, in Trump’s economy, positive progress is no longer news worthy.


January and February were great for Americans looking to get back into the workforce. The official report from the Labor Department has not been released, but third-party tracking shows that March enjoyed another hiring boost.

The ADP report shows 263,000 private jobs were created during the month. Among those, manufacturing added 30,000 new jobs, sustaining the complete reversal seen since Trump took over the country.

The first mainstream media lie that is being exposed here is unemployment. For years now, reasonable economists have attacked the outdated metric that is unemployment. A year ago, Obama decreed that the American economy was great because unemployment finally fell below five percent.

The predictions were that hiring would slow because labor markets were saturated. Hiring did in fact slow, but only until Trump was elected. Since then, job growth has been explosive, despite a virtually unchanged unemployment rate. It shows that the numbers were padded to paint a false picture of economic growth that wasn’t happening. That real truth was reflected in other metrics as well.


The next big number is GDP growth. When Trump was elected, it led to a monstrous fourth quarter gain of 3.5 percent, which was larger than the rest of 2016 combined. To be fair, Christmas season usually has a big impact on GDP growth, but now we can compare first quarter numbers under Trump to those of Obama.

Early estimates for Trump’s first quarter are sitting at 2.9 percent. That doesn’t just beat Obama’s first quarter in 2016. It comes 0.2 percent shy of beating Obama’s entire 2016 before the election.

Still, you don’t hear about this on mainstream outlets—CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, none of them are reporting on this and the only reason is because it makes the work Trump is doing look good. Instead you hear about how deregulation is going to kill the planet. In reality, the small but meaningful changes Trump has pushed through in his early days are creating jobs and feeding American families.


As someone who regularly reports on the economy, I’m beginning to feel like a broken record. Confidence is very important for investment of all kinds, and that extends to hiring and expanding, not just putting money into stocks. Consumer, investor and business confidence levels are all at five-year highs or better. This is after a month of stagnant stock growth.

That confidence is the driving force behind the GDP growth and great jobs numbers, and it has led to a fast stock market rebound in the first week of April. Most impressively, this confidence has been fostered directly in the face of a mainstream media blitz that has been solely manufactured to produce the opposite effect.

Make no mistake. Mainstream media doesn’t just want you to doubt Trump; they need it.


If I had a dollar for every headline I’ve read screaming that Trump is leading us into the next Great Depression, I would be comfortably retired. The market slowed in March, and everyone supporting the liberal agenda was in a hurry to say “I told ya so” first.

That mentality completely missed the important facts. Indexes never even came close to dipping to pre-2017 levels, much less pre-Trump levels, and ultimately the country maintained a bull run throughout the month.

More importantly, the market shift was a predictable reaction to Congress’s failure on health care. Small and medium businesses were anticipating at least minimal reprieve from Obamacare regulations that have made it difficult to hire and expand, and they were sharply disappointed.

Ultimately, this plateau was good news because it showed us that not even Congress doing what it does best (nothing at all) can hurt our economy for very long. Most importantly, the end of the debate was met with a rapid recovery across the indices and record highs are once again within sight.

Liberal media is going to hold out as long as they can. They will fight to the bitter end. Ultimately, their stubborn refusal to abandon political manipulation and report actual fact will be their undoing.

You will hear every potential negative consequence of every decision Trump makes. It’s a facade. If he had Bernie Sanders himself draft the Obamacare replacement they would still criticize it just to remain in opposition.

Thankfully, in the information age you can still find the facts, and they continue to support Trump and his agenda. The economy is not fixed, but it is recovering, and it is doing so at a rapid pace.


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