Obama’s Massive Cover Up Exposed


When it comes to the White House, it doesn’t matter who the president is, there is always going to be things going on behind closed doors the American public does not know about. In general, most of what goes on behind closed doors is done so for the betterment of the nation.

However, there are other government activities that are both immoral and illegal. These are activities that not only are not reported on but are impossible to report on. This is due either to information being covered up or completely removed from documentation.

From time to time, pages of information do go missing. Anyone who runs their own business likely knows this. Even students in school understand the frustration of misplacing a crucial piece of information. However, in the modern, technical world, this kind of error should not occur at the highest level of government.

This either shows laziness on the part of those keeping records or it indicates something is contained in the documents others do not want found. When missing pages becomes a pattern, it almost certainly points to some sort of corruption or cover up. This is what happened countless times under the Obama administration.

How extreme did the situation become? Watch the short video below to discover for yourself.



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