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April 7, 2017

It is time for President Trump to step in and stop this violation.  We know that Congress and the Senate will not turn a hand because they have been riding on Obama’s coattails for eight years and have allowed what has happened to our country.  The reason why is because they are a bunch of spineless whiners.  That is why the President was elected – to stop this violation to our freedom of speech.

This web host has put up with this since 2013 – fighting all the way against this harassment and it is time for it to stop.  It is time to break up this regime who is against the American people – plain and simple.  The bulk of their employee are not American citizens and that is the major reason.


Google Pushes its Liberal Agenda on the World

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. More video searches are performed on YouTube than anywhere else. Google owns YouTube. It also owns just about everything else when it comes to online creation regarding the Internet.

Google controls Android, Gmail and nearly every analytical service used by Web designers utilize in order to monitor their website. Essentially, anyone who does anything online uses Google in some shape or form.

What was considered a leader in innovation has turned into an Internet monopoly. When Google makes shifts in its algorithms for searches (on booth Google and YouTube) it affects tens of millions of websites, often shifting how money is made and where marketing is more profitable. Basically, whatever Google says goes on the World Wide Web.

Recently, the internet conglomerate was caught silencing conservative video posters on the search engine. It did this changing the algorithms without the YouTube channel itself so it could crawl video descriptions, comments and tags associated with the video. YouTube channel producers don’t have much of an option with regards to changing these tags, as this is how interested viewers find their content.

However, the switch in algorithm caused a reduction in external traffic from those not subscribed to the station. Where it gets unfair is that they only made this switch to certain video posters (conservative information producers), not to every video poster across the board.

How is this possible, why is Google doing this and is it something you should be worried about? Check out the comprehensive video to find out more.


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