There are some advertisments out there that America is not a business – it is a country.  Yes, that is true – America is a country; but, it needs to be run like a business because it has one of the largest economies if not the largest in the world and needs law and order, needs to have a Constitution, and needs to have a budget and future goals to make it a better country.  It is a business because it is the largest producer of wealth and should be handled in an honest manner.

The Mexican people don’t understand that –  because they have been taught that “corruption” is part of the game of politics – which in America is wrong.  People go to jail for corruption and graft; but, since Obama, the government has embraced corruption and that is what President Trump is fighting and why he is having such a hard time time fighting the corrupt media, Dem’s, and Elite Repub’s.

A good example of that was a visit to Mexico City a number of years ago and the guide stopped in front of the presidential palace gates and replied:  He was poor man when he went into office; but, he will be a rich man when he leaves.  True story.


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