If that is what they want – I think it would be a good idea if “Cal-ee-for-nia,” was cut out of the U.S.  Then they would stop getting any funds from the Treasury and would have to space out themselves in the world of politics.  Also, all of those Hollyweeds could say they have LEFT THE U.S. – as they stated.

When they entered the U.S. they would have to have a passport and a visa.  Hey, that is a good idea and besides they wouldn’t be able to vote in the U.S. elections.

When did you say they are leaving?  They couldn’t run Mexico and gave up on it and now they think they can run Caleefornia.  Question – why didn’t they stay and fight for their country in Mexico if they love their country?  Sure would like to know – can’t seem to find an answer because when they come to the states they say, “they love their country and their flag;” but yet, here they are wanting their freedom – freedom from what – their own country?  But, I thought they loved their country of Mexico?

Could it be they want the freebies that are given to them in the U.S. that Mexico won’t give them?


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