KOMMONSENTSJANE – Tina Fey slams college-educated white women who voted for Trump — Fellowship of the Minds

Tina Fey is a college-educated white woman with a BA in drama. From USA Today: Tina Fey has a message for the college-educated white women who helped elect Donald Trump: “You can’t look away.” The comedian spoke during an American Civil Liberties Union fundraiser that also featured Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks and Tituss Burgess on Friday, and […]

via Tina Fey slams college-educated white women who voted for Trump — Fellowship of the Minds

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So Tina Fey is college-educated and a white woman on top of that – well – what’s that got to do with anything?  The whole pile is nothing but a publicity stunt to keep her on the front page of the news wipes.

Have any of you known college graduates who have a BA in drama?  Enough said! Most Hollyweeds who have any intelligence have nothing to do with these drama queens and are not a part of the Hollyweed scene because:

“Hollyweed is ruled by fear and love of money.”  Anyone will tell  you that and  you have to toe the party line because if you don’t you are out of a job.   “But the intelligent stars have their own rules because Hollyweed can’t rule them –  they know their trade and don’t love money.”

The big problem is that  you have so many foreign directors and actors who do not have American values and THAT IS THE BIG PROBLEM.  They need to be run out of Hollyweed and SENT back to where they came from if they can’t adjust to American values.

My family do not give money to these people by not going to watch their horrible movies where each movie is against the values of our country – nothing but blood and guts.

No thank you!  TINA WHO?


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