Perez needs to get some psychological help – he stated “that Trump did not win the 2016 election.”  He must have a guilty conscience since he has cheating on the brain – cause Perez is not the legal head of the Democratic Party – they cheated him into office just like they cheated Hillary Clinton in as the candidate for the election.  Surprised that Democrats are accepting this cheating in their own broken party.

What is wrong with these Democrats – Perez seemed unhinged during this showing with his ranting and raving –  denying that Trump won?  Instead of trying to steer the party to help the country get back on its feet like Trump is – he continues to steer more to the Communist/Muslim side of the Democratic Party – is he doing this for Obama?

The Left wing of the Democratic Party seemed to have a mental breakdown when Mrs. Clinton lost the election. They became unhinged. I assumed they would get over it but so far, this has not happened. Civility and grace does not seem to have returned. Their behavior seems stupid to me.

Half the voters in the nation voted for Mr. Trump and the longer they continue their present patterns of obstruction the more they will alienate many of their own party.  The American people want jobs and it seemed that Perez was not headed in that direction.


In a raucous and animated speech in New Jersey, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez (illegal) said President Trump did not win the 2016 election and took an expletive-laced shot at the Republican Party.

At a N.J. Working Families Alliance event in Newark with Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-N.J.), the Buffalo, N.Y. native praised anti-Trump marchers and took aim at the state’s governor.

(Seems strange that Perez used vulgar terminology and this was called a “working families alliance?)

Perez, who served as President Obama’s labor secretary, said the marchers brought attention to several issues he urged Democrats to bring to the forefront of future debate.

“You don’t stand for our values,” Perez said, paraphrasing their feelings toward Trump. “You didn’t win this election.”

(That is right Mr. Perez – you don’t stand for American values – for eight years you and Obama have tried to inject Muslim values into our government and way of life and did not follow the Constitution.)

He accused Trump of having a “Bro-mance” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying Democrats will “resist” his agenda to prove the alleged partnership fails.

(Why does Perez want the alleged partnership with Russia to fail – is it because with Russia and the U.S. as partners Obama’s ISIS don’t stand a chance.)

(Perez, you are the one who is wrong – Obama and Hillary tried to sleep with Putin – but he rejected Hillary and Obama because Putin knew Obama was on the Muslim terrorists side of the fence.  You can’t fool the American people – you are only one and the American people want to make America Great Again – not have you give our country away as you and Obama have done for  eight years.)

Perez said Trump wants his name on everything, from Trump Tower to Trump Steaks, but noted he did not want to call the failed ObamaCare replacement bill “TrumpCare.”

He suggested that Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) call it “I-Don’t-Care, because they don’t give a s–t about people!”

(And neither does Obama and Perez.  Perez was a part of Obama’s Muslim party as the Labor Secretary – Perez, a Hispanic, shipped all of our jobs to his Mexico – for the past eight years and look at the shape of our country.  Now Perez wants all of the illegals to stay in the country so they can vote, again, illegally, in the next election. )

Before he closed his remarks, Perez said he chose New Jersey as the location for his address because he wanted to “learn about bullies” to help counter the “bully in Washington.”

(Gee, I am surprised Perez doesn’t know about bullies since he knows a lot about “GANGS.”)

Referring to Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) and the 2013 BridgeGate situation in Fort Lee, Perez said that such “bullies” can “make traffic snarl” but that the Democratic Party will end “political gridlock.”

(Perez talks about bullies – he is a bully – what about his illegal election as Democrat party chair – looks to me like there was a lot of bullying going on having to vote what was it three times to get Perez elected.  They did that election like they did in their voting on “putting Jesus in their party platform.”  They vote until they get it like Obama wants it and then arbitrarily stick it to the people.)


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