KOMMONSENTSJANE – Madison, Mississippi Stupidity – By Rambling with Ruth.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Madison, Mississippi Stupidity  – By Rambling with Ruth

The Left wing of the Democratic Party seemed to have a mental breakdown when Mrs. Clinton lost the election. They became unhinged. I assumed they would get over it but so far, this has not happened. Civility and grace does not seem to have returned. Their behavior seems stupid to me. Half the voters in the nation voted for Mr. Trump and the longer they continue their present patterns of obstruction the more they will alienate many democrats. Even Mr. Biden has suggested their behavior should end.

One of the most interesting aspects of the present world of politics is that many of the goals of Mr. Trump are part of the Democratic agenda, such as infrastructure. Most main line Republicans do not really want to talk infrastructure. If the Democrats could just get over their hatred of Mr. Trump and cooperate, , good things might happen for the country. And their loyal party members could reap some glory. But the far left in the party seem never to cooperate for the common good. I have spent many years following the world of politics but I have never observed such stupid behaviors by so many politicians.

During the election, I put my head in the sand and never listened to news. The election was interesting and for a few months I paid attention to the political world. When we were in Mexico, Don and I had many conversations about American politics because he also thought the election was stunning. But now I have returned to putting my head in the sand and watch no news. I will wait for Mr. Trump to accomplish the items to help the country such as a new tax law. In the meantime, I will await the return of civility and grace and ignore the stupidity.


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