Here is a woman who has stolen more money than Bonnie and Clyde and has continued to get away with it; and, she is still complaining.  Why is she so bitter? Is it because – the one plum on the tree of life that she wanted – she wasn’t able to steal because she did not meet the American people’s criteria?

I have known a lot of women and heard about “bitchy” women; but, not until she came on the scene did anyone of those women meet that criteria.

It seems like Hillary can’t take a subtle hint – AMERICA IS TIRED OF THE CLINTON’S.  When is justice going to be served on this witch?


Bitter Hillary Clinton slams men throughout women’s conference speech.

Hillary Clinton Trashes Men at Women’s Conference

April 1, 2017

(The American Mirror) Maybe the reason 59 percent of men didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton was that they knew she really doesn’t like them.

Throughout Clinton’s Tuesday speech to the Professional Business Women of California conference, the failed presidential candidate criticized White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly (though neither by name), her male colleagues at the Rose Law Firm, NASA and even a Harvard professor.

Clinton, who largely took a negative posture during the speech, suggested when ideas from men and women are treated differently in a staff meeting, women “pool our respective reactions” to zing men in response.

“Nice thought. A little slow on uptake, but good idea,” she proposed saying.

She threw the former managing partner of her law firm under the bus when she recounted a story of being pregnant while working.

“I’d walk down the hall getting bigger and bigger, they’d turn their heads. They didn’t want to talk about it,” Clinton said.

She claimed she kept “raising the idea of what kind of time off do I get,” and she was, of course, ignored by the pig men…

Poor, poor baby!  Here is a crying towel.




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