Bill O’Reilly’s question – why aren’t Americans saving any money?   He needs to examine his own conscience.

Following is why Americans do not have any money – because we have been taxed to death by the Democrats and Obama.

Watching  O’Reilly the other night, it hit me that this rich man had no clue how badly Americans have been hurt by Obama and the Democrats  (or he wouldn’t admit it).

First, Obama to begin with – LIED TO US FOR EIGHT YEARS.  He then took our jobs away from us, then he let the insurance companies raise our rates to levels beyond our comprehension, and then he let the banks reduce any interest rates we were receiving on our money to nothing; but, yet let the banks raised our credit card rates beyond any reasoning (29.0%).  Just think about how lop-sided that is and makes no sense – 29.0% versus ZERO in return –  but yet they were using our money to run their business.

A good examples are our insurances – home and health.  Deductibles are so high – we really have  no insurance.  We are only paying the insurance companies for nothing.

You talk about getting screwed!

We know how many people are on government assistance in this country – so, in my opinion, O’Reilly should be finding out why banks are not giving any interest on our money; but, yet ripping the people off on credit cards.

Therefore, Americans were getting the shaft no matter which way they went under the Obama Democratic administration.  And the whole time Obama was stealing the wealth in this country and not one elected government official opened his mouth because at the same time they were filling their own pockets.

And, why would Obama treat his own people, who put him in office, like this?  Because his ideology as a Muslim was to hurt the American people, who he hated.  During Obama’s time in office he and his administration seized the wealth of non-Muslims by his actions and has to be punished for not following the Constitution.


We slept under Obama’s blanket of Islam for eight years and he has hurt this country badly and needs to be punished for the crimes he and his administration committed. We cannot let this go because it will only get worse.

Plain and simple!

This voter won’t forget what they did  to us when the next election rolls around and we will fight tooth and toenail for TERM LIMITS – it is time to drain the swamp.  And, if this doesn’t happen – our country is lost.  Talk to your elected official and find out where he stands.



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