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Bombshell! Obama aide CONFESSES to Trump wiretap!? (video)

Watch the jaw dropping video here –

March 29, 2017

The Democratic National Committee began an emergency house cleaning this month. From top to bottom, the DNC has demanded every single current staffer that served while Barack Obama was president submit their resignation letter by April 15th.
The effort to clean the slate comes as new chairman Tom Perez takes office – but while reorganization under a new regime is common in political organizations, the massive scale being implemented at the DNC has left most political analysts stunned.
Could the DNC be clamping down to help cover-up the Obama administration’s wiretap tracks? Critics are suggesting so – and are pointing to an apparent interview slip-up on MSNBC as proof that the Obama administration wiretap scandal is about to blow up.
During her live interview on “Morning Joe” with Mika Brzezinski , Evelyn Farkas, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Obama, admitted that Obama spied on Trump, critics say – and the implications are huge.
Critics are comparing the admission to a video confession, captured right on tape. Was the Obama administration so used to breaking the law that Farkas is oblivious she’s potentially confessing to serious, felony crimes on live television?

Or could this be a move to shift the narrative regarding the Obama wiretapping of Trump Tower?

In the video, Farkas admits that the Obama administration was responsible for the illegal leaks against Trump. She also says Obama administration was actively monitoring Trump… and was giving the information to members of Congress members — information they should not and did not have had access to.
This alleged confession is seriously bad news for Farkas, according to The Conservative Treehouse who wrote, “With the help of MSNBC, simultaneous to her admission of first-hand specific knowledge of the administration spying on Mr. Trump, Ms. Evelyn Farkas outs herself as the key source for a New York Times report which discussed President Obama officials leaking classified information to media.”
The cited article, titled, “Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking” from March 1st, reads as follows —
More than a half-dozen current and former officials described various aspects of the effort to preserve and distribute the intelligence, and some said they were speaking to draw attention to the material and ensure proper investigation by Congress. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing classified information, nearly all of which remains secret.

The key, critics say: “… because they were discussing classified information.”

If they’re linked, as implied, that’s bad news for Farkas. Because that’s illegal.
Very illegal.
And it’s something the Trump administration has vowed to make an example of.



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