We all know that anything we own sooner or later breaks down.  Therefore, we knew from the start that Obamacare was put in place in order to steal more money from the America people by the Democrats and Obama and make this country a dictatorship country.  The only thing that fell into place to save the American people was the election of Donald Trump.  How much did the Koch brothers pay Paul Ryan to make this bill fail?


We knew that Paul Ryan, the speaker, was not on our president’s side from the start; so, why did the president put all of his eggs in Ryan’s basket to run the Obamacare repeal?  Americans have known from the start that Ryan jumped through the hoops with the Democrats and Obama – in fact gave Obama a blank check for eight years.  Never once did he try to stop Obama from stealing money and giving it away.  Ryan did not want to let go of Obamacare because he loves all of those taxes that are collected in the plan and at the same time killing Americans.

Now they say that they will return to the Obamacare repeal in the Fall – well, there are people who cannot afford to wait until Fall for relief of this monster Obamacare.  You cannot tell me with as many members there are in Congress that you cannot do more than one bill at a time.  Take that 2015 bill you have worked and get up off your a$$es and finish what you started.  Repeal the whole bill and do it right.

The Freedom Caucus put the speaker into office and it is now time to put a new leader who is a leader into Ryan’s place –  who has some guts.  Or is this a set-up between the caucus and Ryan?

Maybe you should bring in Newt Gingrich as a consultant to learn how to cooperate with each other to win.

Paul Ryan lied to the President and to the American people and deliberately worked this vote to make it fail by not allowing the others in Congress to see what the plan entailed until they ran out of time.

Paul Ryan is still working for Obama not the American people.  Plain and simple.

It is time for term limits.


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