We must continue our fight to bring our country back to its foundation.  We have to keep these issues on the burner to be sure we don’t have to suffer the consequences as we are at the moment.  Justice has to be served irregardless of how long it takes.

We must show these people that we don’t allow corruption in America and make them an example.  Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many others did not come into the government rich; but did leave rich.

Following are critical issues that must be finalized from the Obama years:

-The Obama administration crimes and scandals must be brought to justice.

-We must drain the swamp in Washington DC and affirm the rule of law.

-We must continue Hillary  Clinton’s emails, the foundation scandals and foreign illegal donations to her campaign

-We have to finalize the IRS’s Lois Lerner emails and Koskinen, IRS Director who lied to the government and must be impeached.

-We must have a southern wall to protect the sovereignty of our country.

-We must purge the voter rolls of all illegals and dead people and have a voter’s card with a fingerprint and identification.

-We must have term limits for the Congress and Senate.

We must learn from the corruption of the past eight years and before.




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