FBI Director James Comey unmasked as a Deep State Black Hat Operative. Representative Elise M. Stefanik is a young, freshman republican congresswoman from the Albany New York area. And using a probative questioning timeline, she single-handily pulled the mask from FBI Director James Comey, yet no-one seemed to notice. Obviously Ms. Stefanik has not been […] […]

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After yesterday, with Comey testifying when he actually notified the White House on this sensitive information – proved to me – Comey is trying to work both sides of the fence to keep everyone happy – which is not his job.

It is time for President Trump to drain this part of the  swamp because it looks like either the people involved are dumb or  do not want the truth to be revealed since the  (Obama’s) Deep State Black Hat is involved.

Comey is not performing his job and needs to be replaced with a stronger leader.  I was disappointed that the President did not replace him because he is definitely playing politics.  It is not too late, and the President should do that ASAP.

Comey is playing the game of CHICKEN with the lives of the American people.  It is time to root him out and call his hand on the way he operates.  This young representative did unmask Comey and proved that he is playing chicken with the lives of American people.

Chicken Game definition:

The game of chicken, also known as the hawk-dove game or snowdrift game, is an influential model of conflict for two players in game theory. The principle of the game is that while each player prefers not to yield to the other, the worst possible outcome occurs when both players do not yield.

Comey has too much Obama baggage and cannot possible help the President MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

President Trump needs to TRUST BUT VERIFY!  The trust factor has left the building.










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