Obama and his shadow government rushes to Hawaii and guess what – his judge roommate at Harvard –  who lives in Hawaii –  rules against the American people’s order by President Trump to keep our country safe.  He did not rule by the Constitution but by Obama, the shadow government, and the judge’s ideology and working against the American people.

Again, as I stated –  we have found that Obama and this judge in Hawaii were friends and room mates at Harvard.  This judge and the judge in Maryland need to be impeached.  Their ruling WAS NOT based on the four corners of President Trump’s order but HEARSAY FROM THE CAMPAIGN AND on Obama’s urging and complicit backing to hurt the American people.

It is time for Congress to do their job and impeach these to two judges – nothing  these two judges ruled on had to do with a Constitutional ruling of this order –  but was due to their ideology and working with Obama to do his dirty work against the American people.

Obama continues to try to bring in Muslim terrorists to work with his shadow government and hurt the American people.

It is time for AG Sessions to put Obama in his place – he and his party WERE NOT RE-ELECTED.  He is just a plain, old, ordinary guy who stole a lot of money from the American people.

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KOMMONSENTSJANE – IS JUDGE AND OBAMA IN THE SAME HAYSTACK – Trump’s Travel Ban Just Blocked AGAIN After Who Secretly Met With Judge Today – By Prissy Holly – Mar 15, 2017

Posted on March 16, 2017 by kommonsentsjane

BREAKING: Trump’s Travel Ban Just Blocked AGAIN After Who Secretly Met With Judge Today

Seconds Later!,

Ever since Trump became president – Obama has been massively butthurt, causing chaos and disruption whenever he gets half a chance. We are constantly hearing more and more about Obama’s malicious shadow government, as he heads up the anti-Trump resistance movement sweeping the nation.

Now it appears as though Obama’s mysterious and unannounced trip to Hawaii earlier this week was all to drive the knife even further into President Trump’s back.

Seemingly out of no where, a federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order Wednesday evening blocking Trump’s travel ban, dealing a massive blow to the President Trump that has Obama and all his little minions cheering. The New York times has more on this breaking news report:

The ruling was the second frustrating defeat for Mr. Trump’s travel ban, after a federal court in Seattle halted an earlier version of the executive order last month. Mr. Trump responded to that setback with fury, lashing out at the judiciary before ultimately abandoning the order.

He issued a new and narrower travel ban on March 6, with the aim of pre-empting new lawsuits by abandoning some of the most contentious elements of the first version.

Not surprisingly, the asinine order was made by a justice that Obama put into power.


Lawyer Who Just Stopped Trump’s Travel Ban Has SHOCKING Connection To Osama bin Laden

By Liberty Belle –

Mar 16, 2017

Last night, we learned that a Hawaiian judge blocked Trump’s travel ban. This idiot judge actually cited that tourism may drop because of it. Really, I am not even remotely joking about that. Well, now we find out more information about the lead lawyer that helped push this case, and it is terrifying.

Neal Katyal, a former acting solicitor general of the United States during the Obama administration, filed suit on behalf of the state of Hawaii against the Trump administration, seeking to block the president’s latest executive order. However, it is who Katyal has ties to that makes him so interesting. It has been discovered that Katyal served as legal counsel for Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard, Samir Hamdan on a pro-bono basis.
Salim Hamdan was Bin Laden’s driver.

Well, isn’t that fascinating?

So, this attorney that lead the charge to stop a ban that would protect the American people worked for someone who wanted to harm us? Wow, that is something, right? But, wait it gets worse.

Katyal’s name was also once floated around as a possible Obama Supreme Court nominee. Katyal also sued the government on behalf of Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard in 2006, in the landmark legal case Hamdan v. Rumsfeld.

I am sure this all makes sense now that we see the bigger picture. These Obama loyalists have been strategically placed to help further the destruction of America. This is like a game of whack-a-mole on steroids, but instead of moles, we are dealing with Muslim extremists. These people are everywhere are need to be exposed for their disgusting deeds pronto.

We need to share this information far and wide and do what we can to help expose the truth. I don’t know about you, but with all these Obama loyalists out there it makes me wonder if we will catch them all. Hopefully, we will be able to and get this country back on the right track.


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