How to Deal with  Nagging


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Nagging is a cycle of behavior that usually starts if one party feels nagging is the only way to get what he or she wants. If the nagging is getting to you, there are various ways to cope. In the moment, stay calm and respectful and, if necessary, disengage.

Dealing in the Moment

Pick your battles. If you feel the person nags too much, consider how much a given situation bothers you. Sometimes, it’s better to let certain things go.  If you don’t feel that an issue is worth an argument, simply say something like, “Sorry I’ll try to remember tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me.”

Disengage emotionally. If you get frustrated by the person’s nagging, you may end up saying something you don’t mean. These are not effective means of addressing the issue and will only serve to escalate the situation. Therefore, if you feel yourself getting frustrated it may be best to temporarily disengage. Remind yourself you have a choice of whether or not to argue. Then remain silent and take a moment to think before you speak. If you feel you can’t remain calm, ask that this person allow you to revisit the issue later.

Walk away from the situation. Sometimes, it’s difficult to emotionally disengage. Some space may allow both of you to cool down and reevaluate the situation. Change the subject for the moment to get some space between yourself and the other person. This may give you both time to calm down, allowing you to better address the situation later.

Working Together – Calm down.  Be polite, not dismissive, when phrasing things. For example, say something like, “I don’t mean to be disrespectful.   Nagging is a pattern of behaviors that places people into roles they dislike.

Reframe your thinking. The term “nagging” is fairly loaded and comes with a lot of negative associations. What one person perceives as nagging is usually the result of consistent bad communication, forcing people to fall into roles they dislike.

The Democrats are all in the same frame of mind – which is to continue to “dog” the issues.  They only have one purpose in mind and that is to “belittle the President.”



In order to bring put yourself in a good light – it is better to dismiss bad behavior and work the problems or issues in a positive rather than a negative light.






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