Judicial Watch received new documents from both the Secret Service and the Air Force relating to Obama’s travel expenses, bringing the known total during the past eight years to $96,938,882.51.  That is a lot of money to a taxpayer.

Again, that is $96,938,882.51.

Image result for sarcastic funny pictures of traveling in a plane

This money could have been used to a better advantage – how wasteful.

President Trump can immediately save taxpayers money by reforming presidential travel.

A good example  was Obama’s April 22, 2015,  Earth Day trip to give a global warming speech in the Florida Everglades cost taxpayers $145,752.36, which brings the total cost to at least $1,01,367.76.

Another good example is Obama’s trip to Cuba and Argentina in March 2016 cost taxpayers $7,146,015.18 in total travel expenses.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of Obama’s travels as we see the total of $96,938,882.51.  By the end of his term the costs will exceed $100 million.

The Obama’s notorious abuse of presidential travel perks once again wasted military resources and stressed the Secret Service.

Again, the president’s travel expenses need to be reformed.





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