February 26, 2017

“Organizing for Action” – Very troubling… Is this part of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization who were in the White House (Valarie Jarrett) with Obama?

This is why the Dem’s want to keep us busy with this Michael Flynn, Russian and Trump business while they are working their terrorist plots

Time to call for action and expose these terrorists.
Please watch this –  you all may have heard of Obama’s starting a Shadow government to bring Trump down, but this just confirms it and if allowed to go forward, it could be disastrous.
This video explains it in easy to understand terms and then also take the time to view the videos that follow, one I found entitled “Treason…” explains how just before Obama left office, on January 17th he had Loretta Lynch sign into law a new law providing an increase of 13 different agencies who now are privileged to security information that prior to this law was exclusive to the NSA which was a whole lot smaller group to control and keep track of leaks—now it has been expanded exponentially 13 fold which makes it virtually impossible to know just who is providing the leaks—again this points to Obama’s Shadow government and gives more credence to the reason why the Obama’s are continuing to live in DC just blocks from the Capitol instead of returning to their home in Chicago. As I said, ‘scary isn’t the word’ !!
This is really, REALLY scary…

Also Google –  the Obama foundation. If there was any doubt about the communist left being alive and working, this should answer that doubt.




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