KOMMONSENTSJANE – FBI Confirms NY Times Story on Trump and Russia is Inaccurate

The news that has been published for eight years by the Democrats and Obama hit a brick wall on November 8, 2016, when the people stood up  and elected President Trump.  The people spoke and said enough is enough.  Since the Congress, Senate, and the Supreme Court continued to woe Obama and wouldn’t help the people, the people rose up and showed them who is the REAL boss.  And all of  you representatives – we are  not through with you – when it comes time for  your re-election we will remember how you treated  us for the last eight years.

Now that the Dem’s do not have any power and have lost their control over the states and D.C., all they have is the FAKE NEWS media and even they have been proven to be out of power with their words because America has even turned on them .

So the Dem’s are  trying  to inject foreign governments into the mix and that hasn’t worked either.  So all they have left are ROTTEN TOMATOES – the illegals who came into our country to do us harm by voting illegally.

So all of you Dem’s who tried to turn the country into a Muslim Communist country – Obama’s tricks didn’t work – you and Obama still didn’t immigrate enough illegals to out-vote Americans.  Now it is time to investigate the real cause of the problems in this country and that is the illegals who are voting in our elections and throw these bums out of the country.

This is a must – before the next election!

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FBI Confirms NY Times Story on Trump and Russia is Inaccurate

Talk about misinformation… When the mainstream media wants to lie, but can’t substantiate its falsehood, what do they do? Play it like something terrible MUST be true!

As Rush Limbaugh relates in this clip, a “story” that the New York Times and other media outlets ran with is essentially a non-story; it’s the story of President Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus returning a phone call to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Supposedly, this was related to the FBI’s inability to confirm damning ties between the Trump administration and Russia. Rather than delving into whether the charges which have been made repeatedly in the media are true or not, the Times chose to make a bigger deal out of Priebus’ phone call to the FBI. That must mean someone is guilty of something, right?

But in this case, all it means is Priebus called someone back who he was supposed to call! From every other perspective, there’s no story because the FBI had nothing incriminating to tell the media, Priebus or anyone else!

But instead of running with the facts, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and others would love to turn the phone call into a story itself. A phone call!

Just a bunch of liars – continue to be liars.




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