KOMMONSENTSJANE – Town halls – Chicago Sun-Time

Chicago Sun-Times

‘Liberal activists’ are stacking town halls


Trump’s Twitter post suggests the Democrats are stacking the deck against him at the town halls.

They are trying to do just that.

The organizers may be paid to turnout out folks who will not get money to attend a protest or a town hall.

The Democratic Priorities USA Partners and Indivisible, a new group of Democratic organizers, just partnered on a project to influence the town halls.

There is a difference, however, between paid political organizers, and the people they organize to attend an event.

From a Priorities and Indivisible release last week: “In partnership with Indivisible, a grassroots group that has taken the lead in empowering citizen activists to attend town hall events across the country to hold their Members of Congress accountable, Priorities USA will launch a digital ad program to help ensure voters know about events during next week’s Congressional recess.

“The digital ads will run on social media, including Facebook, and across internet search engines. The ads will provide voters with information about events in their area. When a voter clicks on the ad, it will direct them to a landing page managed by Indivisible that asks the person to RSVP and provides information about how to prepare for the town hall and how to maximize their participation at the event. The ad targeting is designed to reach people mobilized by the organic protests that have sprung up on the left — by layering data gathered from our audience’s social media behaviors and ranking by their propensity to take an offline action.

“The upcoming recess week promises to provide even more scenes of grassroots activism by everyday citizens concerned about our country’s future,” said Guy Cecil, Priorities USA Chairman.”

My suggestion would be for the Congressmen have their own town halls and limit the number of people to a manageable number and be sure they are your constituents.


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  1. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    The progressives are trying emulate a Grassroots Conservative Movement like the Tea Party — what they don’t realize is the republicans didn’t create the tea party nor did they want it — it happened because we did not like what was going on in Washington from both parties. It was true grassroots and the progressives are only creating AstroTurf by trying to force something with money. It will not work but let them waste their money all it does is suport the real movement against them.


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