KOMMONSENTSJANE – Freeloading Illegal Shows Up To Get Welfare Check In Texas, Gets BRUTAL Surprise Outside Instead!

Sorry Charlie,  no free lunch anymore!

By Amanda Shea –

Feb 21, 2017

After eight years of wide open borders and endless cash goodies on arrival, illegals have enjoyed a pretty good life on taxpayers thanks to our former freeloader-loving president. The Trump Train has just derailed their gravy train, but things just got a lot worse for these leeches as one alien in Texas just found out when he showed up to get his monthly handout and got a brutal surprise outside instead.

Illegals don’t think that rules apply to them and also feel that they’re entitled to what other people earn. President Obama catered to that mentality, giving them anything and everything they wanted and not forcing them to work for it. The monthly routine of rolling up to the welfare office for one illegal living in Austin was just met with a rude awakening of what’s happening for real under President Trump.

The days of passive leadership, empty threats and unkept promises are definitely over as our new Commander-in-Chief says what he means and makes good on those statements — as proven by this recent footage. Not only should the illegal leech not even be in America, he shouldn’t be sucking off the system too and ICE just made sure he doesn’t anymore. Immigration agents intercepted this illegal as soon as this unidentified alien showed up to collect his welfare check and arrested him instead, Right Wing Tribune reported


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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