Would someone please explain to the American people on who is in charge of the Congress and the Senate and why they aren’t getting any bills on President Trump’s desk.

It was announced after the election that Vice-President Pence was going to be the henchman to work with the Congress and Senate to get things done and help them to get these bills to the presidents desk.  It looks like it to me that maybe VP Pence needs to get his pitch fork out and do a little prodding or give the people an explanation on why Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell aren’t doing their job.  Please explain what is the holdup

I think both of them are burned out or just not up to the job.

Why are they taking so many off days.  Are they dragging their feet to keep the president from meeting the goals of the American people?  If so, VP Pence needs to tell that to the American people and we will help him light a fire under these people who don’t want to do their job and vote them out of office or call them home and send someone who will do the job.


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