At this very moment I have an employee on this blog/website, Google, who is actually keeping me from inserting a photo on my blog because it is offensive to this employee.  Our government has to break up these companies because we have no competition and these employees forget we have a new person in office who is not a Muslim; but, they continue to invoke their power over our words.  It is time to stop this – whoever you are – you are violating my rights as an American citizen.  American Justice and ACLJ would you please take note of this.  I had to copy the photo from a previous blog.

Since when can an elected congressman take his oath on “the Koran” when sworn into office  – only under the government led by Obama who was a Muslim.  Keith Ellison did just that – he swore allegiance to the Koran not the Bible  (the Constitution).

Ellison went on to use the English translation of the Qur’an owned by Thomas Jefferson for the swearing-in ceremony.

I find that offensive to start with..


Keith Ellison says Trump was impeachable on day one of his presidency
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the first Muslim congressman, laid out why he believes President Trump is already impeachable in a debate Wednesday on CNN between contenders for the DNC chair position.

“Three of your colleagues in the House,” Dana Bash asked, “Maxine Waters, Jamie Raskin and Joaquin Castro have publicly raised the specter of impeaching Prsident Trump. Do you stand with them or with House Leader Nancy Pelosi, who believes impeachment talk is premature?”

“I think that he, Donald Trump,” Ellison began, “has already done a number of things which legimitately raise the question of impeachment.

I mean on day one, he was in violation of the emoluments clause. This is a part of the Constitution that says as a president you can’t get payments from a foreign power. The day people checked into his hotel and started paying him, who were foreign dignitaries, he was in violation of that law. There’s already a lawsuit filed against him and right now, it is not only about Donald Trump, it is about the integrity of the presidency.

(What a fakery this man is speaking – one day Trump is a businessman with holdings all over the world as his job, turns it all over to his family to run, and the next day he is sworn in as the President and this nerd, Ellison, says he needs to be impeached because his family is running a business for him – nothing but sawdust in this man’s head.)

“So yeah I believe we need to begin investigations to, not go after Donald Trump, but to protect our Constitution and the presidency of the United States,” Ellison concluded, “to make sure that nobody can monetize the presidency, and make profit off of it for their own gain.”

(Ellison really meant to say the Koran instead of the Constitution.)

Ellison is considered the frontrunner for the DNC chair, but has fallen under deep criticism from the right and even some in his party for past comments about Israel which were called “disturbing and disqualifying.” He’s also seen by the more progressive and far left wing of the Democratic party as their way out of the destruction from the 2016 election, while others think entrenching into the far left will only worsen their political fortunes.

I almost fell off my chair when Ellison said that he wanted to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION.  The following is what he is protecting.  Islam is a government first and then a religion secondly.  This man is flying a false flag.



Just take a look at Item 5 and 13 – Kill Jews and Christians and Lie to strengthen Islam.

This is the book that Ellison follows not the Bible or the Constitution.

Our government is going to have to sever ties with all Muslims in our government.  Under Obama the government was infiltrated with them and now with new leadership we will have to go forward with purging the government of  Muslims like we did during the Cold War with Russians because we are at war with the Muslims.  Until the war is resolved in order to keep our country safe –  we have to take that next step.  Again, Islam is a government first, and a religion secondly.  It is a touchy subject – but the truth is the truth.







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