The Horn News

Democrat hacking scandal linked to foreign cash


February 21, 2017

It seems if you give a Democrat a computer, it’s only a matter of time before they screw up big time.

The Horn News reported Monday that the biggest hacking bombshell to ever hit Washington, D.C. may have just landed.

The security breach has been linked straight to major congressional players for the Democrats… and it just got bigger.

Tuesday, further information revealed the hacking scandal is also tied to hundreds of thousands in dirty foreign cash funneled from Iraq.

“Rogue congressional staffers took $100,000 from an Iraqi politician while they had administrator-level access to the House of Representatives’ computer network,” The Daily Caller reported Tuesday.

The money is part of a murky web of car deals, information theft, and shady financial transactions allegedly committed by three brothers from Pakistan that were employed by multiple House Democrats, including Flordia Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The brothers, Imran, Abid, and Jamal Awan, are originally from Pakistan. While working for these multiple Democratic congresspeople, they reported collected nearly half-a-million in salary combined every year — and still that wasn’t enough.

“Investigators found that congressional information was being copied to an off-site server and they suspect the brothers of improperly accessing information and stealing congressional property,” according to The Daily Caller. “Chiefs of staff for the employing Democrats were notified Feb. 2.

Soon after Imran began working for members of Congress, Imran’s and Abid’s wives — Hina Alvi and Natalia Sova — also began receiving congressional paychecks, TheDCNF found. Imran’s employers included two members of the intelligence committee, Indiana Democrat Rep. Andre Carson and California Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier.”

Is there any difference in a Democrat and SH–?  They call it DUMB AS SH–!



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