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Democrats Are Turning on Themselves


Since the election of President Donald Trump, Democrats have been pointing fingers at just about every single person out there as to whose to blame for their party losing. Some pointed their fingers at Donald. Others pointed their fingers at Russia. Hillary pointed her fingers at FBI Director James Comey. A handful of people pointed fingers at Obama and the finger pointing went on and on and on.

However, the one person the party didn’t point their fingers at was themselves. They did not want to admit that they lost and the Republicans swept through the election because of their own doing. They acted like children, not wanting to accept responsibility for their own actions but instead try to blame it on a scapegoat.

While this would be great news for the Republican party because it means Democrats are in complete disarray, it is better for the American people when both parties actually have their heads on straight. That is why a potential DNC chair candidate’s recent statements is rather refreshing.

DNC chair candidate Raymond Buckley recently told an audience of liberals the entire party needs to grow up. He seems to be one of the few people who understands the American citizens. Americans want to keep their jobs, see new opportunities and have their health insurance costs drop.

Democrats did not offer a hopeful opportunity for this potential, which is why they lost the election. What all does potential DNC Chair Raymond Buckley say? Check out the video to find out.

But the answer is not to vote for a Muslim, Keith Ellison, to be the Chair of the Party. That is not good for America – he has been and will be working against America.



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    We have meet the enemy and they are us, I believe the Pogo saying went.


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