Senator John McCain continues to be the Manchurian Candidate who is brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for a Communist conspiracy.  He was rejected by the American people as a candidate for the presidency.  He and Lindsey Graham, also a Senator, have continued to use their positions to cause trouble in our country, especially during the Obama administration where they continued to work with the enemy when they really did not know who the enemy was.

The Senator must be removed from the powerful Armed Services Committee and place someone in that committee who is more attuned to the vision of the present leader.  The senator continues to work against the American people as shown below.

Why would Senator McCain make a speech overseas to impugn the current leader? Is he still on the One World Order and wealth distribution payroll?


McCain in Germany says Trump administration in ‘disarray’
Published February 18, 2017


Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on Friday told the Munich Security Conference that President Trump’s administration is in “disarray” and has “a lot of work to do.”

McCain has emerged as one of Trump’s most vocal critics from his own party. Most recently, there has been a public fued between the administration and McCain over the Yemen raid that resulted in the deaths of civilians and the loss of a Navy SEAL.

McCain, who did not call out Trump by name, pointed to the resignation of Trump’s former national security adviser to illustrate his point.

“I think that the Flynn issue obviously is something that shows that in many respects this administration is in disarray and they’ve got a lot of work to do,” McCain said, according to Reuters. “The president, I think, makes statements (and) on other occasions contradicts himself. So we’ve learned to watch what the president does as opposed to what he says.”

McCain pointed to the “profound concern across Europe” that the U.S. is laying down its “mantle of global leadership.”

(How could he say this when Obama has been leading from behind for eight years?  McCain is lying again.)

“I can only speak for myself, but I do not believe that that is the message you will hear from all of the American leaders who cared enough to travel here to Munich this weekend,” he said.

Vice President Pence gave a speech Saturday morning where he assured NATO that the U.S. “will be unwavering in our commitment to this trans-Atlantic alliance.”

The Washington Post ran a headline, in an analysis article, “John McCain just systematically dismantled Donald Trump’s entire worldview.” The paper reported that “it was a striking display from a senior leader of a party when it comes to a president of the same party.

McCain’s comments came days after Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told fellow NATO members to increase military spending by year’s end or risk seeing the U.S. curtail its defense support — a stark threat given Europe’s deep unease already over U.S.-Russian relations.

Echoing Trump’s demands for NATO countries to assume greater self-defense responsibility, Mattis said Washington will “moderate its commitment” to the alliance if countries fail to fall in line.



McCain should not criticize the president while he is in a foreign country. I am surprised that he did that. I have always respected him but he was wrong.  The Manchurin candidate just can’t help himself because the American people turned him away.

Anti-American McCain.

Why is a United States senator rallying Germans? If that doesn’t beat all. This man nearly blew up the entire USS Forestal by his bad temper. Who would listen to anyone with that demeanor. His bad temper is probably why he was captured while serving our country, because his anger overshadowed good judgment. This man harmed my family. Harmed my father that served on the USS Forestal. His father, too. They think they are superior to everyone else. Troublemakers that push their own sort of political agenda which is often not what many veterans think it is. The McCain family has been a gnat to my family since the 1950’s. It is time for Senator McCain to retire. Not visiting Europe and rallying Europeans against our fine country, especially in 2017. He should retire in solace and tranquility and cease this anti-American rhetoric. I know as a fact that most Europeans – not the leader, but the people also agree with President Trump’s policies to better protect the United States from invasion and harm. That is what most Europeans want for their countries, too. They, like most of US are not tax slaves to Saudi Arabia or to Iran. Let Senator McCain understand this by a preponderance of evidence while he rallies the world against our elected president, which is the most un-American activity I have ever seen a United States senator cause against his country.

I don’t think this guy has ever gotten over that he lost the Presidency. He likes to criticize others every time he gets the chance

Sen. Mccain has been a Senator from my home state of Arizona for as long as I can remember. Arizona is last in Education, we have never been competitive for large manufacturing. The Senator is Progresive in a center right country. He is about as Conservative as AL Franken.

First it was Schumer and Pelosi having meltdowns, now McCain…just shows you that Trump is getting under the skin of the establishment….no more business as usual.

McCain is the poster child for term limits. Just another crotchety old fool that the ignorant public keeps reelecting. Wake up people. No new blood means no new ideas!

Criticizing the leader of your national government of which you are an official, to other nations of the world would get you vaporized in many governments. I say that if you are an employee of our government, you should just do the job for which you are getting paid and keep your opinions about the president to yourself. If you work for a company and don’t like your boss, how long would you last if you went to other companies and talked negatively about him/her?
The only ‘thing’ in “disarray” is McCains muddled thought process.
Disparaging America and our President in a European speech is Disgustingly unpatriotic and cowardly

Maybe Mr. Trump was right about John McCain!

The people who are hailing McCain do not matter because they wouldn’t vote for him anyway!! He can bask in his illusions. He lost to a one term senator after pretending to be the Mr. Know everything for decades. His rhetoric contributed to the toppling of Gadhafi and the ensuing confusion in Libya. Tell me one solution this guy has ever put forward and I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Hatred and self preservation and a big fat ego drive this man. He is a hero in a war America never won and lost lots of lives and yet he downplays the bravery of our seals in Yemen.

Mr. McCain needs to go. When he finally does, and there is no one left to cover up the documents and information he and Mr. Kerry have been protecting for years, he will be shown for the fraud he is. This isn’t a left or right issue. This is an American issue and I, for one, am sick and tired of corrupt individuals like Mr. McCain and a slew of other “legislatures” who have been anchored to power for years in DC. They survive by wielding years of corrupt power and manipulation, and by festering hate, misinformation and division while protecting their own hides and promoting their own interests. And who is to pick up the pieces? Hopefully, all Americans will think for themselves and see these particular politicians for what they are. I believe we not only deserve better, but should demand it.

McCain needs to be replaced with a real Republican.

Nothing worse than a low life Democrat that calls himself a Republican. Thanks to him we had 8 years of Obama.

McCain has been a big mouth all his life. I read a lengthy article about him and his days as a Navy pilot. The other pilots thought he was just a big mouth and that he didn’t have “the right stuff”. But hey, when your father is an Admiral, like McCain’s father was, you get to pass others because of your name.
Everyone who is teed off by this erratic politician, please write McCain’s office to tell him he is nothing but a wrinkled up troll who lost the presidency in a most embarrassing way, is not the national apologist as he seems to want to act, and has been a dysfunctional ember of Congress ever since his regrettable election by the dimwits of Arizona.If there is one detectable and detestable mole in government, it is him.
McCain has lost it. Like Hillary, he just cannot accept the fact that he ran for President and lost; therefore, he finds it necessary to take cheap shots at Trump.

Dear Mr. McCain, you are an American Hero and your story is what makes America great. But how can you go over seas and discredit our president? It is uncivil. We need your criticism at home, but not on the world stage. When I get up and make a comment at a public meeting, I do not complain about my marriage. In the privacy of my home, my wife and I talk and work out our differences. Please have the civility to do the same.



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