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Originally posted on STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC: If he didn’t before, Trump now knows what he’s up against. He’ll get nothing but continuing opposition from the Deep State, the rest of the permanent government bureaucracy, the media, Hollywood, and academia. His biggest asset is he retains the support of the millions who voted for him, and… via […]

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We don’t need to beg the news people to let “Trump be Trump.” Trump held that news conference just like the people expected him to be – forceful and TRUTHFUL.  But, as usual, the news pundits on the evening news reported “just what we expected – they reported that he was unhinged.  Even Scott Pelley was off base just like all of the others. Scott Pelley: Trump’s “bluster, bravado, exaggeration” on display at news conference  Some of Fox News reports were the only ones telling the truth. The American people voted for Trump to”drain the swamp” in Washington and that included the news media because of the overriding double cross of the media against the American people.  The news media is an extension of the Democrats.

The news people thought they would have Trump over a barrel yesterday.  Boy, did they find out who was  in control.  Again, the news media reported today that he was unhinged and we found out quickly, it was the media who were unhinged.

Right on, Mr. President.  Let’s continue to roll.

Only one more comment – the Congress and Senate need to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time (you can do more than one thing at a time).


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