YOU HAVE TO QUESTION HIS MENTALITY!  IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL GOING OVER THE EDGE?  Feel sorry for his magazine partner, Fred Barnes, who is on the opposite side of the coin, from what he says on TV.

Bill Kristol is the neo-conservative, i.e., warmonger for Israel, and the founder and editor at large of the political magazine The Weekly Standard. Kristol was hostile to Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy from the start, and would rather that Hillary Clinton be elected president. See: Neoconservative Bill Kristol’s mask comes off Bill Kristol declares there will be […]

via Neo-con Bill Kristol: lazy, spoiled white working class should be replaced by immigrants — Fellowship of the Minds

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And just who does this idiot, Bill Kristol, think he is to over ride the will of the people. He wants to reverse the will of the people to meet his own needs?  What in the devil is his mental problem?

America and the world has aborted 1.3 million babies and Kristol wonders – where are the workers.  Now he wants to drag uneducated people into America to be his yard man and maid because he is the one who is lazy.  Kristol wants a liar and thief as the leader – if anyone is backing this guy better rethink  their seat on his train because the train is off the rails.

What’s your grief?

This guy just won’t accept reality and let go!  Is he nuts?



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    Trump is doing what we voted for him to do and that is a first in many decades. Keep the faith the globalists many politicians and the media are totally against Making America Great Again1


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