Why do the Democrats hate Putin so bad?  Clinton and Obama tried to get in bed with him but he rejected them – is that why?

Reset Button

We know the reset button did not work out and made Obama and Hillary look like fools – which they were made to look ridiculous.

Haven’t these Democrats ever heard that saying, “that you keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer?”  Common sense (which Clinton and Obama did not have) will tell you that you don’t hate someone because your friend hates someone.  You give that person a chance and try to work with them and then you find out for yourself if the countries can work together to fix the problems of the world.

Circumstances change from day to day.  There are times when countries need each other even if their values are not the same.

The reason it did not work out with Obama and Putin is because Obama was working both sides – he tried to be a friend and enemy to Putin and Putin was smart enough to know the difference.


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