Where is the outrage throughout the world – when Christians are attacked by Muslims?  It is now happening in our own country, America?  Stop it right now!!!  The communist media are not picking up on these stories so we have to do their job.  Muslims are guests in this country and the Constitution is the law now; and, if that doesn’t ,”blow your skirt up,” it is time to hail freight..

Patriotic Viral News

Muslims in Suburban Michigan Stone Christians at Rally

Suburbs outside of Detroit are home to the largest Islamic population inside of the United States. The vast majority of these individuals generally live without incident, just like most other American citizens. However, if a Christian ever attacks a person of the Islamic faith, do anything to their place of worship or cause trouble in any way, the national media jumps all over it.

Yet, isn’t it strange that the leftish main stream media never picked up on this story of Muslims attacking peaceful Christian protestors at a rally? Apparently the liberal controlled media doesn’t find it sexy enough when Christians are persecuted, but that is exactly what happened in Dearborn, Michigan.

During a peaceful protest, several Christians walked through a carnival, holding signs about the need to follow Christianity. They did not yell at people or cause a scene. Muslims in the crowd began throwing rocks from the ground and other dangerous objects at the individuals as they calmly walked down the sidewalk. The Christians did not confront these individuals, nor did they say anything back. They turned the other cheek and walked back to safety.

If the roles were reversed, every single one of these Christians would be prosecuted by the state for a hate crime. Yet, if Muslims do it against Christians, nothing happens. Isn’t this a substantial double standard? There really isn’t any other conclusion to come away from it.

Attempting to injure someone is aggravated assault and a hate crime when done for religious reasons. To see the complete brutality of the mob attacking these Christians, check out the short video.



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    Muslims are evil people and just not compatible with America.


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