No dignity!   The minority leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

CROCODILE TEARS: Chuck Schumer crying over Muslim refugees after supporting the attack on Libya.


The Cry Baby is so attentive and connected when he is with you, yet when he is out of sight it feels most definitely that you are “out of your mind.”

How to repel Mr.MANimal Cry Baby.

The good news is that The MANimal is wearing a mask  – and is flashing thoughts, beliefs, and feelings –  his masks are flashing too.

Let’s put on our imaginary special 3-D MANimal glasses for a few minutes now, and SEE exactly what the Cry Baby is thinking? What does he truly believe? What are his fears? His hangups? And how his actions are merely reflections of his deep, unconscious thoughts?

The Typical Cry Baby “Default-Factor:”

The Cry Baby will most likely have a D-Factor which reveals that his primary default tendencies, which are a conglomeration of the “Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs” he has when he is under stress, in conflict, or even when he is merely hungry, angry, lonely or tired make look like this:

“Life is futile. Sigh….”

“Why bother, it will only lead to failure.”

“Everyone is after me. It’s my fault. I am pitiful”

“I’m not capable; failure follows me everythere I go.”

“I’m a bad person. I have done a lot of bad things”

“I should have known and done better.”

How to Repel the cry baby.

When he issues “victim-like” statements, do not acknowledge these as the truth.

We have to remember Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, is Jewish and we have to remember 71% of the Jews voted for Hillary Clinton.  So we know that Schumer is just trying to cause chaos TO HELP THE MEDIA/DEMOCRAT OPPOSITION PARTY  since they lost.

This is just a ploy by Schumer to get the sympathy of the American people which did not work.  Senator Schumer had better be careful – he must realize that Europe has turned its back on the Jewish people and are backing the Palestinians.

All of this is nothing but hokey-pokey!



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