KOMMONSENTSJANE – Director of news site Ethan Fedida wishes early death for President Trump — Fellowship of the Minds

The United States of America was founded as a republic in which political leaders are chosen via the ballot, not the bullet, and disagreements handled and resolved with debate and a pluralism of views and opinions, not with violence or threats of violence. But in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s loss and Donald Trump’s victory […]

via Director of news site Ethan Fedida wishes early death for President Trump — Fellowship of the Minds

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This man is supposed to be educated – he graduated from the University of Tennessee and to make such a statement with this unsound authority makes you wonder – how did he survive the “human resources” test for common sense when he was hired at the Huffington Post or was this a prerequisite for employment to have a background in liberalism which includes having a mental disorder in common sense?  With this remark which he made – he passed the test to keep his job with the Huffington Post.  The board of Huffington Post and the owners of the company will probably give him a raise for the remark.

Does anyone still read this rag?  His remark only reminds me of the caliber of his smokin’ gun and where this rag should be placed –  by using it to light a fire in my fireplace and watching his vile words go up in smoke.



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