January 24, 2017

From a Friend of mine…Very well said…

—– Original Message —–

I just ‘had’ to share this as he expresses my thoughts and says it very well.

Nothing like an inauguration to help you reflect. Here goes!
President Donald J. Trump is America’s 45th President… the first thing that strikes me is his sincere belief that God is with him. It was nice to hear God referred to genuinely and reverently throughout the Inaugural activities.

I didn’t know how much I missed patriotic music until this inauguration. Yes, I cried a few times. I make no apologies…

I have been amazed at the awe and wonder of the office of the President that President-Elect Trump had since he started his Inaugural duties. It was almost as if he was caught up in the magnitude of the office.
When the President- Elect at the time saluted and shook every military person’s hand while laying the wreath at Arlington National Cemetery- I watched in amazement. This man had the look of respect and pride in his country… My dad served his country well as a Sgt. Major in the Army. It was great to witness the President- Elect at the time show real respect and honor for our military.

Last night at the concert, I again, watched President- Elect Trump sing along with Lee Greenwood with pride I’m Proud to be an American. His face was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the moment.

After the concert when President- Elect walked with his family up to look at Lincoln at the memorial, he took a deep breath and his eyes had a look of respect and honor.

His speech after being installed as the 45th President was heartfelt, passionate and truly one I believe he embraces. He has made it clear that the average American person matters to him. He made it clear it was for the average American people that he wanted to give America back to them. Their voice would be heard.

Gone are the days of entitled, big government.

President Trump refuses to be bullied by the press or Hollywood. It is about time. They are not taking it well. I don’t think that it is going to stop him.

It is my hope and prayer that America will give this President a chance. He has already proven he is a leader. A leader is a person who has a vision with passion and heart. They possess the skills and confidence to go it alone if they have to. A leader has to have confidence in himself with no regard for the positive or negative things being said about them.

When you think about Donald J. Trump’s journey to the White House it has been nothing less than a miracle. An ordinary man who loves his country decides to give running for the presidency a shot. A scandalous tape filmed 11 years ago was leaked at a crucial point in the campaign that should have derailed him. His own party abandoned him and yet he didn’t waiver.

When the election results came in I was floored at the outcome. I was sure Hilary Clinton who was a Senator, First Lady twice, Secretary of State was sure to take the office…. not the case.

Donald J. Trump despite all nasty efforts was to become the 45th President of the United States of America. He doesn’t need the money, power or prestige. I truly believe he wants to give back something to the country he loves.

It is incredible to me that President Trump and his family chose to walk part of the Inaugural parade route as violent protests and possible assassination attempts were said to be probable. This did not surprise me as President Trump refuses to knuckle under to fear. He is out to prove that Americans are not fearful and will stand up when necessary.

Does he have issues… yes… don’t we all. Is he perfect… far from it… so glad… he deserves a chance to do what he can…

I am Proud to be an American,

What a wonderful way to express what a lot of people take for granted.  What has amazed me is the way President Trump – has his say – and moves on to the next problem and doesn’t look back.




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