US further eases Iran sanctions after nuclear deal — Fellowship of the Minds

From Yahoo: The Obama administration is further easing sanctions on Iran, making it easier for foreign firms to do business with the country following last year’s nuclear deal. Shortly before 6 p.m. Friday at the start of the Columbus Day holiday weekend in the United States, the Treasury Department published new guidance for businesses that […]

via US further eases Iran sanctions after nuclear deal — Fellowship of the Minds

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The  Supreme Court, Congress, and the Senate should be proud because Obama has used them to make them look like fools..

Obama has made a mockery of our country and our laws..

All of this was part of the plan under the supervision of Valarie Jarrett, Obama’s right hand woman who is Iranian   Her Mother lives in Iran and is one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood – ask Hillary Clinton – she met with Valarie’s mother and made a speech in Iran – don’t know how much Hillary was paid for this speech.

Obama’s plan was to use the American people’s money to prop up the Middle East and bring them to our country because they are not educated people and now we have to take care of them.  That, my friends, is what Obama meant when he talked about that he knew better how to spend our money than we did.

All the while our country has been left with a large debt and  country that has deteriorated because of the lack of due diligence by the Congress and Senate.

We have to enact term limits to remove these long time people who don’t give a damn about our country – only to fill their own pockets.


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