September 27, 2016

Best explanation for voting Republican -Jack Welch on why he is.

For my friends who likely didn’t see this on Facebook, I’m also sending by email
because I think it’s important. The most important thing right now is economic
growth, it is critical. It should have and could have begun 3 or 4 years ago
if government had focused on pro growth policies

We MUST have Growth Policies from government. Growth of 3 1/2 or 4% will solve
most of our problems– increase in jobs, wages, interest rates could go up so
savers, retirees & pension funds could earn more (I want a raise). I think I’ve
watched every interview on business channels that has happened and no-one has
said it better than Jack Welch did this week on CNBC–yes that is still what I
wake up to. WATCH THIS!

Click on this link to see full interview


Jack Welch on why he’s voting for Trump




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