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Immediately after the first 2016 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a man wearing glasses swiftly removed something from Hillary’s podium. I need you to help me figure out what he removed. Here’s the Washington Post‘s live-stream video of the debate. The relevant footage of Hillary’s flunky removing “the thing” from her podium […]

via What did the man remove from Hillary Clinton’s debate podium? — Fellowship of the Minds

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Did you notice during the whole convention, Hillary looked like the cat who ate the canary?In, fact, even the next day in North Carolina,  she still had that smug look on her face.  After watching that debate, there will be a lot of women who won’t vote for her.  Women in Hillary’s frame of mind are not worthy of the highest office in the land.  We must not allow that to happen.  With her veins running with venom, our country would not be safe.

Donald in his earlier days treated men and women equally and if women can’t take that and expect special treatment – they sure don’t need to be in high-paying positions.  All of us had brothers or men in our lives who  have had men say something which was not appropriate; but in most cases something we did or said caused that reaction.  The communist news media continue to rag on Trump; but that is okay – he gives as good as he gets.

We now know that NBC, HILLARY, AND LESTER HOLT CHEATED – plain and simple;  but, what makes it so bad is here is a black man (Lester) who is married to a white woman, has a beautiful family, and a good job and then stoops to Hillary’s level of dirt when he didn’t need to.  Did he have to do this to keep his job – remember David Axelrod works at NBC, WHO WAS OBAMA’S MENTOR?

We now know all of  Hillary’s nose scratching was the signal for Lester to punch Trump.  Well, I hope Lester wallows around in the manure he created.

Sure glad Hillary and Lester didn’t use this signal:





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